So far, we’ve actually had a real summer over here! It’s warm, sunny and I already had my first sunburn. I know that it isn’t a good thing but as I’m allergic to the sun and sunscreen I can’t always prevent it.

What I can do, on the other hand, is stay to stay cool and hydrated by making tasty summer treats.

Summer Treats

It’s always fun to make your own summer treats during summer.

I got this pink popsicle mold at the Hema for โ‚ฌ1.50 (they start selling these every summer) and got to work.

Summer Treatsi

Myย popsicles always have two main ingredients: yogurt and fruit. This time I used blueberry flavored yogurt and strawberries.

Since I could make 6 popsicles, I decided to make every pair a little bit different. Popsicle #1 and #2 are simply a mix ofย blueberry flavored yogurt and strawberries. But I’ve added honey toย popsicle #3 and #4, and granola to popsicle #5 and #6.

The last combo basically makes it acceptable to eat ice cream for breakfast. It’s my favorite flavor so far. It really tastes good!

Summer Treats

I also got this cute pink mason jar to make fruit-infused water. I already drink a lot of water on a daily basis, but I tend to drink even more when I make fruit-infused water. It’s tasty and healthy since the water extracts vitamins and antioxidants from the fruit.

I love strawberries and blueberries, so I yet again used these two ingredients. Normally, I place my jar in the fridge for at least 1 hour (you can cut the fruit or poke holes in the fruit for instant flavor), but sometimes I also let it infuse overnight.

Summer Treats

I also love mint, cucumber and lemon infused water. I did make a few mistakes with this one the first time I tried it. For starters, I completely forgot that infused water often starts to taste bitter because of citrus fruits, and I didn’t cut the rind off the lemon. Then I left the lemon in the water for waaay too long. I should have removed the fruits and veggies from the water after a couple of hours, but I didn’t. So, in the end, my infused water started to taste super bitter.

I learned from my mistakes though and it does taste great when you know how to properly infuse water haha.

I found a cute blog (Infused Water) the other day and wanted to share it with you. Amy has a bunch of recipes on there to try out this summer! The Watermelon Hibiscus recipe sounds delicious!

Stay cool and enjoy your summer.

Love, Izzy

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