You might have noticed by now that every once in a while I post a list of my newly (re)discovered music artists. I previously posted one in February, April, and June. Click on the month if you like to read those.

I don’t feel like I have one particular music taste. Some song just grab you after the first few seconds no matter whether it’s pop, rock, or R&B. I’ll even admit that I listen to K-pop while I don’t understand a word of Korean (apart from some generic words/sentences).

This month I have three lovely ladies for you to check out. They are quite different from one another, but I love all three of them.

Discover Music August Edition

Ivy Levan

I love this woman. She looks so fierce and bold and sexy!! And it’s all coming from the inside since she isn’t even showing her boobs or butt. In the comment section of her video Biscuit, one of the top comments is this: “She looks like the coolest, baddest and hottest Disney villain ever seen!”

I couldn’t agree more. She looks like Cruella Deville with a dash of Harley Quinn and Maleficent sprinkles on top.

Ivy is an American artist. She starred in a few commercials and TV shows but now she has moved on to music. I love the songs Biscuit and Money. These two songs exemplify her strong voice. In the making of Biscuit, she says that “Kiss My Biscuit” is something she says when someone is being a hater. It’s a cheeky but fun phrase.

She has done a few collaborations with Sting and Diplo, but I somehow find that those songs don’t do her justice. She is amazing on her own.

Jasmine Thompson

The radio has been blasting Felix Jaehn ft. Jasmine Thompson – Ain’t Nobody over and over again and I really fell in love with this cover. I know that the original song was sung by Chaka Khan (I already knew the lyrics thanks to Chaka). So don’t start hating on me like my dad, who went all like “Plagiarism!! Abomination!! Why don’t people make original stuff anymore?!”

Thanks to Ain’t Nobody I had to listen to more songs by Jasmine Thompson, who is a British singer and songwriter. Did you know that she is only 14 (she looks older to me)?! This girl will go places. She also has her own YouTube channel where she covers a bunch of different songs. Go check it out.

She really has a cute and distinct voice. She just makes me feel super relaxed when she sings.

Chlöe Howl

Chlöe Howl is also a British singer and songwriter, who I discovered thanks to YouTube auto-play haha. All of a sudden, Rumour started playing and I didn’t click away.

After listening to a couple of her pop songs (She herself labels her style of music as steak and kidney pop. The opposite of bubblegum pop), I started to enjoy her edgy and soulful lyrics, which are often accompanied by a robust melody (did I just make a food pun?).

What have you been listening to recently?

Love, Izzy


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