Kadriorg, especially the Kadriorg Palace, has always been one of my favorite attractions in Tallinn. It’s in walking distance of Tallinn’s Old Town so we always stop by the park before or after we’ve visited Old Town.

Kadriorg Palace was built for Catherine I of Russian by Peter The Great, but for a very long time I pretended that it was built for me. I mean, come on. It’s a pink Baroque palace.

I adore Baroque (and Rococo) architecture!

Tallinn: Kadriorg Palace

My mom actually refers to the palace as my country house haha. I wish, but thanks mom.

The palace is now an Art Museum that is surrounded by a beautiful park.

Tallinn Kadriorg Palace

In spring, the flowers are in bloom and birds flock to the rectangular Swan Pond. I didn’t spot any swans this time though, but I remember there used to be many. It’s a very serene park and I love to walk here. I guess it’s like the Estonian Hyde Park or Central Park.

Tallinn Kadriorg Palace

From Kadriorg Palace we went over to the Japanese garden that was built in 2011. On our way to the Japanese garden we could see the Mermaid (Russalka) monument from a distance (and a bunch of tourists coming our way. You can’t escape from tourists in Tallinn haha).

The monument is a memorial to people who lost their lives when the ship Russalka sank in 1893.

Kadriorg Japanese Garden

I’ve been to the Japanese garden before. I think it was spring back then because all the flowers and trees were in bloom. This garden is full of rhododendron and cherry trees.

I think it would look very lovely during fall. Imagine all the red, orange, and yellow leaves falling to the ground. I could totally see myself sitting here while meditating haha.

Kadriorg Japanese Garden

Kadriorg Japanese Garden

I must say that Tallinn isn’t really that big. When you know your way around town or you plan everything very carefully you’ll be able to do a lot of sight seeing in a day. You might need to get up early, but you can easily start at the Old Town, make your way to the Swan Park, the Japanese Garden, walk over to the Russalka monument and then walk along the beach towards the History Museum if you want to. Yes, your feet will hurt (like mine did since I did do all of that) but it’s worth it.

I hope all of you are having a great summer. I would love to know what you all have been up to.

Love, Izzy

Tallinn's Old Town
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