In July, I’ve been nominated for a couple of blogger awards and I’ve been tagged a couple of times by a few of my fellow bloggers.

I’ve had the pleasure of writing an 8 Photos of Happiness post and I was nominated for the Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award.

I’ve waited a while before embarking on another tag as I feared that July would have been a bit tag-heavy otherwise. It’s fun to write tag post once in a while so I’ve waited and now it’s time for another tag.

The Love/Hate Tag

The lovely Aymie from the blog Aymie Louise nominated me for The Love/Hate Tag, which is finally here!

You’re supposed to list 10 things you love and 10 things you hate. Then nominate 10 bloggers to take part.

Here we go.

10 Things I Love

Holi Fusion

  • Doing Fun Stuff with Friends. Roadtrips, traveling, movies, going out, it’s all a lot more fun with friends.
  • Watching Fine Brothers Videos on YouTube. I love the kids, teens and elders react videos. They are so hilarious!
  • Music and Dancing. I hate it when my friends drag me to a pub. Nobody ever dances in a pub. I need to go out and dance once in a while. Or I’ll just have random dance parties in my room.
  • Exploring other Cultures. I’m not the kind of person who can lay on a beach all day while she’s on vacation. I need to do things, see things and explore things.
  • Playing Lego Games on my PS3. Lego Marvel, Hobbit, LOTR, Harry Potter, I have them all. Currently I’m playing Lego Jurassic World. I love these games so much since they follow the story line of the movies. It’s like you’re in the movie.
  • Snow. I really really really love snow. Maybe it’s because we don’t get a lot of snow here, but I really love it. You’ve probably seen those animal homevideos where they see snow for the first time. Well, I’m like that each time it starts snowing.
  • Reading. I adore classics like Wuthering Heights and The Secret Garden, but I also love books like Harry Potter and Divergent.
  • Watching Movies. I like almost every genre of movie. My favorite movie is Pride and Prejudice (2005). If I want to laugh I watch Last Vegas or Guardians of the Galaxy. If I want to cry, I can watch sad or happy movies. Happy endings make me cry too. I’m also a big Disney and Marvel fan!
  • London. I love that city.
  • Ice Cream (and froyo).

Now it’s time for the less enjoyable things.

10 Things I Hate

  • You know how we all hated teachers who gave homework on the first day of school. Well, at uni they set deadlines on the first day of school. Meaning you’ll have to do homework during your summer vacation. Awesome…
  • Spicy food. Nope, it’s just not for me.
  • Vegetables. They just taste horrible. I try to eat them.
  • Rain. I know plants need it, and that’s how I know that I’m not a plant. I hate it.
  • Any bug or insect. If it has more than 4 legs, keep it away from me.
  • Doing my makeup early in the morning. It’s not really something I hate, but it’s an inconvenience. Especially in winter when there’s no natural lighting. You may walk out without having blended something property since you couldn’t see. And no one will tell you that during the day…
  • Socks and sandals. I’m not a big fan of sandals in general, to be honest.
  • Heart of Darkness. That’s a book we had to read at uni. Whenever a teacher mentions that books, a student at my uni dies. That’s all I have to say.
  • People who crush other people’s dreams.
  • Sweating. I wish I could be like Jade.

Sweating is gross, so I don't do it

Now that I’ve told you a bit about myself, I invite you to tell me about the things you love and hate:

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Izzy you only nominated 7 people! Well I hate Math too. But the lovely Ms Mistry and Ali also want to do the tag so that makes 9.

Love, Izzy



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