I love watching animated movies, both with friends and family or even on my own. If you want to brighten up your mood, you need to watch an animated movie. These kind of movies aren’t just for kids anymore. Some of the jokes are clearly targeted at an older audience.

Children will drag their parents to see a two hour animation, so there has to be something in it for the parents.

I’ve seen my fair share of animated movies, but the ones below are definitely my all-time favorites.

Favorite Animated Movies

The Croods – voice actors include Nicolas Cage, Emma Stone and Ryan Reynolds

This movie happened to be on TV and I decided to watch it. I don’t have younger siblings so I never really know when new animated movies come out and I complete missed this one. I didn’t have any knowledge of its existence, but I’m really happy that I decided to watch it. It is such a funny movie about an amazing prehistoric family.

Grug, his wife Ugga, their kids Eep, Sandy and Thunk and their Gran live together in a cave. That’s all they know about life: you live in a cave where it’s save. Everything else will kill you.

Great outlook on life, I know.

But when their cave gets destroyed, they must embark on a journey of a lifetime. Don’t be alarmed. They do get some help from a boy called Guy and his pet, Belt (who Gran really wants to eat when she gets hungry).

Guy: Don’t eat him! He will cut you! He’s a pet! My pet!

Gran: What’s a “pet”?

Guy: It’s an animal you don’t eat.

Gran: Ha! We call those “children”!

My rating: 7.5

IMDb rating: 7.3

The Book of Life voice actors include Diego Luna, Zoe Saldana, and Channing Tatum

When animal loving Maria unleashes a bull in the Mexican town San Angel, her friend Joaquin exemplifies great courage and her other friend Manolo shows some great potential as a bullfighter. They save the town, but poor Maria, who is the town leader’s daughter, must leave Mexico for boarding school in Spain.

Manolo eventually grows up to be a bullfighter, but he secretly wants to become a musician. Maria returns to town all grown up and very independent. And Joaquin becomes as glorious as his late bandit-fighting father.

What they don’t know is that as children they became the subject of a divine wager. La Muerte, ruler of the Land of the Remembered, and Xibalba, ruler of the Land of the Forgotten, bet on which boy will eventually win Maria’s hand. La Muerte picks Manolo, while Xibalba chooses Joaquin.

You can image that Xibalba doesn’t play fair. Our poor Manolo will have to travel between three worlds to be reunited with Maria.

I love that this movie shows us a culture that we don’t often see in animated movies. The Book of Life celebrates the Mexican Day of the Dead. During this holiday families and friend gather to pray for and remember the people they have lost.

The movie also emphasizes that you shouldn’t be afraid to show who you are. That’s something that we need to be reminder of. Too many people do things to fit in or to be more like others. But you should be you.

My rating: 7

IMDb rating: 7.3

Anastasia – voice actors include Meg Ryan and John Cusack

I’ve been in love with this movie ever since I was a child. I still have the videotape! Not sure if it still works though. For a little while I thought that this was a Disney movie, but it’s actually produced by Fox Animation Studios. Although, the movie is directed by two former Disney animation directors.

To me, Anastasia is worthy of a Disney princess title.

This animation tells the story of a 18 year old orphan Anya, who hopes to find her family. The only clue she has is a necklaces that says “together in Paris.” To get to Paris, Anya has to side with a pair of con men (Dimitri and Vladimir) who wish to trick the Grand Duchess into believing that they found her granddaughter Anastasia. Why, you ask? A reward. Little do they know that Anya is really the Grand Duchess Anastasia, who is being hunted down by the evil Rasputin. Anya is the last Romanov Rasputin has to kill. Spooky…

As a child, I didn’t know that the animation was based a true story. I had no idea that the Tsar and his family were really executed by Bolsheviks. Apparently there have been rumors that Anastasia might have survived. Unfortunately, we now know that she didn’t.

The movie does have a happy ending though. A historically false happy ending, but who cares.

I also love all the songs that they sing in this movie. Yes, they sing. That’s one of the reasons why I always thought that it was a Disney movie. “Once Upon a December” is my favorite song. I’ve also been singing, tweeting and instagramming lyrics from “Paris Holds the Key to Your Heart” during my entire trip to Paris. So if you’ve been wondering what my jibber jabber was. Well here you go. Anastasia.

My rating: 8

IMDb rating: 7.1

I adore a bunch of other animated movies like Shrek and Despicable Me, but I’m guessing we’ve all seen those by now.

If you haven’t seen Shrek yet, then we can’t be friends. No I’m just kidding. We’ll have a movie night and I’ll make you watch it.

I really want to have a child like Agnes from Despicable Me! And yes I think Minions are cute!

You may have notices that I didn’t include any Disney princess movies. That’s because Disney movies deserve a favorites list of their own.


So what are your favorite animated movies?

Love, Izzy

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