September has been the most stressful month ever! I knew that starting a Master’s program would be hard, but I had no idea that it would be that difficult and time-consuming.

You know how we sometimes can’t fall asleep because we keep worrying too much? Yeah I did that a lot last month, but you can’t really think about anything when the music is too loud and you’re having a dance-off with your reflection.

Secondcity, Hailee Steinfeld and Shift K3Y all have songs that have brightened up my day so I wanted to share them with you in this months Discover Music post.

Discover Music October Edition


Rowan John Harrington is a 28-year-old DJ. Secondcity is his stage name. Google kept wondering whether I was searching for Kit Harington or John Snow (Game of Thrones character), but no I was really looking for info on Rowan.

Apparently, I Wanna Feel already held the number one spot in the UK charts, but I haven’t heard him on the radio over here. I should call my radio station and tell them that they should play his songs haha.

He actually only has two songs on his official YouTube channel, but they don’t disappoint. They have a great club vibe.

Hailee Steinfeld

I don’t think that anyone hasn’t heard this song yet, but if you haven’t, click play.

It’s such a powerful and upbeat anthem. I can’t even call it a song, it’s an anthem. You cannot not feel good about yourself while singing along to this.

Hailee is a 18-year-old actress, who (I think) is most well known for her role in Pitch Perfect 2 (a movie I still haven’t seen #oops) but I know her from Ender’s Game, Begin Again and Three Days to Kill. All three movies are pretty cool.

I knew that she had a song with Shawn Mendes, but I had no idea that she wanted to pursue a singing career. I’m kinda glad she did.

Shift K3Y

All these DJs have such interesting names. Shift K3Y‘s real name is Lewis Shay Jankel. Just so you know. He’s a British DJ, producer, singer and songwriter. Talented guy, and only 22.

I’m in love with Shift K3Y‘s song I Know! MTV has been playing this one non-stop. The beat is so addicting. I can’t stop listening to this.

Love, Izzy


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