I can’t keep calm. IT’S GRADUATION DAY!

You might have seen it on my Twitter or Instagram, but yeah I graduated this week. I say that like it’s no big deal haha. It is a big deal. Everyone is so proud of me, but more importantly I am proud of myself. I’m going to continue studying because I’m one of those people who doesn’t know what she wants to do with her life. So, for now, I’m going to learn as much as I can.

We had to celebrate this somehow, so I invited some of my relatives to a lovely High Tea.

Graduation Day

Wait, are those potato chips on top of the sandwiches? I haven’t seen that before. These people know how to make food look awesome.

We were served cheese, salmon and chicken sandwiches. Too bad I don’t like salmon, but the other sandwiches were DELICIOUS.

I drank so much tea that day!

It was freezing outside and my graduation dress didn’t really keep me warm haha. I did have a leather jacket, but the wind cut through it anyway. Looks like I’m not like Elsa after all. Bummer.

Graduation Day

It seemed like the entire city decided to head over to this restaurant. It was packed and I guess they only had one cook that day because it took quite a while before we got our desserts.

Our host was really nice though. She eventually brought us some scones and a couple of other yummy looking desserts. “I know THAT’S what you’re here for,” she said, which is true. Bring me all the desserts!

Yet again, the presentation was spot on. Everything looked great.

You can’t have a proper High Tea without scones.

If my MasterChef tasting skills are not mistaken, they added some cinnamon to these scones. It tasted really good. Instead of clotted cream or whipped cream, we got some sort of homemade yogurt. I love yogurt, so no complaints there. Dad would have preferred whipped cream though haha.

My favorite dessert was the raw candy bar! CHOCOLATE, CARAMEL, NUTS! The perfect combination. I ate two of them since my mom doesn’t like caramel. Victory is mine.

I didn’t particularly like the banana bread, but the crème brûlée was tasty. Remind me to get one of those blowtorches so I can set the kitchen on fire bake my own crème brûlée.

Graduation Day

Here’s a peek at how I looked that day. The dress is by H&M. I bought it a year ago and I only wore it once. That’s why I decided to recycle this dress instead of purchasing something new.

My mom gave me some gorgeous white and pink roses and every graduate also received one red rose. Grandma said that I should dry the flowers. What do you think. Should I? It would be a cute little remind of this event, wouldn’t it?

Graduation Day

Love, Izzy

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