Autumn doesn’t really happen until you’ve had that Pumpkin Spice Late, took a picture of your feet on a pile of leaves and wore burgundy lipstick with your matching checked scarf.

That’s what autumn is about most of these days.

But when I was little my interests lay elsewhere.

Autumn meant

Jumping in a Puddle

Because splashing water all over yourself and your friends is fun.

Why I Loved Autumn as a Child

Leave Art

Leave bouquet.

Leaf rubbings.

Leaf tree.

I loved to be creative.

Leave Jumping

Who cares about the dirt! Mom has a miracle machine that can clean it.

Why I Loved Autumn as a Child

Pressing Leaves

Since you didn’t have a camera for the feet-in-leaves picture yet, your only other option was to bring some leaves home and start a leave collection.

Watching Grandma Knit and Be Amazed at Her Patience

Because you’re 8 and you can’t sit still (and grandpa isn’t really helping by feeding you chocolate).

Why I Loved Autumn as a Child

Paint Pine Cones

The only reason you went to the woods: to get dirty and collect pine cones.

Why I Loved Autumn as a Child

I may have spent a little too much time with my little cousins so it made me feel a little nostalgic.

We went to a plant-a-tree event a couple of weeks ago and they loved it.

Mud on your hands? Don’t care.

Mud on your face? Don’t care.

Mud in your hair? Don’t care.

They were covered in mud from head to toe and they loved it. Some children were lying in the mud, laughing! Every step I took was accompanied by a squeaky ‘ew’.

And then I remembered that there used to be a time when I was just like these kids.

So I decided to share some of my favorite autumn activities as a kid. It’s a little random and a bit cheeky, but I hope you liked it.

What did you love about autumn when you were a little kid?

Love, Izzy

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