Looks like I outgrew the chocolate advent calendars haha.

Pfff, who am I kidding?!

I’m going to get a Hello Kitty advent calendar next week. Or I might even be gifted one. Let me put it this way: There hasn’t been a year without a chocolate advent calendar.

I don’t even like the chocolate they put into these things, but there’s still something special, cheeky, fun about opening a little window every single day.

If I can get super excited over a little piece of chocolate, imagine the delight when I receive a little present every day.

I’m sure you’ve heard that a bunch of different brands compile beauty advent calendars. The Body Shop, Benefit, Sephora, take your pick.

These beauty advent calendars can contain anything from makeup to nail polish to perfume. It’s a perfect gift for so many of us, ladies haha.

The only question that remains is: WHICH ONE DO YOU GO FOR?

I’ve heard a lot of good things about L’Occitane and I’m kind of low on all the skincare products, so I decided to get to know this brand and its products.



You could say that I’m taking a risk here since I have zero experience with this brand, but I’m going to trust some of my fellow bloggers who adore L’Occitane and just have fun with it.

It’s a great way of getting to know their products.

I walk by this store almost every single day on my way to uni! I simply can’t believe that I haven’t purchased anything from them yet!

We kind of changed that now.

Besides, if I hate their hand cream or whatever then I still have a mother and a grandma who adores hand creams.

You know what the hardest part is? Not waiting until the 1st of December, but not looking at the back!

They’ve added little product descriptions on the back for each and every product in the calendar! Why would you do that? Do all the beauty advent calendars have that? That’s torture. (And that’s also how I know that I’m getting a hand cream… I couldn’t resist taking a peek.)

This calendar is filled with 17 beauty products and 7 little gifts. So, 24 treats in total. (OK, I take it back. Waiting sucks. Can someone hit the fast forward button already? I want to open this thing!)

I’m expecting to receive mini skincare, hair, and body products and maybe even a fragrance? I have no idea what the 7 gifts could be though. We’ll see.

Do you have a beauty advent calendar? If not, which one would you ask for?

Love, Izzy

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