I can’t believe it’s December tomorrow. Time flies by when you’re addicted to Netflix.

I’m not complaining though. December has always been my favorite month!!

We’re one step closer to my birthday, Christmas and New Year! SO FREAKING EXCITING!

And don’t forget Christmas break. I’m sure lots of us are in need of a break by now. (I know I am.)

Today we’re looking back on all the fun stuff that happened in November. It’s my little farewell to another month.

November: 5 Happy Things


I know I said that I wanted to take up PoleFit, but I kinda went back to zumba haha.

My gym found a new instructor and this woman is AMAZING!

She knows how to shake her hips, she know how to make us shake our hips and it’s simply a blast!

Now I just have to eat properly and I’ll be able to fit into my Harley Quinn catsuit that I’m planning on wearing at the Dutch Comic Con.

Happy Things


Who am I kidding? I can’t diet..

I ate so many cupcakesย and donuts this month, it’s ridiculous. But I kind of made it my mission to sample every cupcake in the Netherlands.

So whenever I go somewhere new I try to find a cupcake shop.


And a chocolate cafe.

No, I’m kidding, this was a one time thing.

You know how you have friends scattered all over the country so you have to make time to visit them and do something fun.

Like a High Choc.

The CHCO Cafe sells the most amazing hot chocolate! And their brownie cake is divine.

Happy ThingsHunger Games Mockingjay Part 2

-cries in the distance-

It’s… over…

Man up and buy the DVDย blu-ray, please Izzy!

I went to Amsterdam to see the final Hunger Games movie with my older cousin.

Amsterdam definitely knows how to entertain the fans.

You want to shoot arrows at President Snow’s head? Go ahead, we’ve set up an archery range!

You want to feel like Katniss or Snow? Take a seat at the white throne and take selfies!

Can I just say that I was a little bit disappointed with the movie… I expected to cry my eyes out, but it just didn’t happen. Everything went by so fast I didn’t get the time to wrap my head around it.

Or maybe I just didn’t want to cry because my older cousin expected me to and wanted to laugh at me…

Friends & Family

I still love my older cousin. Even though she thought it was childish to cry. She’s not a huge fan of THG so she simply doesn’t get me haha (and I know that she cried during The Fault in our Stars, but sssst.)

I love spending time with my family. I’m going to see all of them a lot in December.

I’ve also received a letter and little gifts from my friend in America. She’s studying abroad now, and I really miss her. So it’s really cute that she’s thinking of me.


It seems like I had a pretty fun month. Now you’re thinking something must have gone wrong? Well, not really. I’m stressed out a lot, but that’s nothing new. That’s the uni life. One of my friends did drop out, to my surprise. That wasn’t fun at all. But he made the right choice for himself and he’s happy so I’m happy.

How has your month been? Got any awesome plans for December?

Love, Izzy

CHCO cafe Breda: High Choc
Birthday Wishlist
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