Winter is without a doubt my favorite season!

I’ve never understood why people like summer; it’s too hot, you get sweaty and sunburned (at least I do).

I’ll take winter over summer anytime.

Why you wonder? Well, let me break down the 8 reasons why I love winter.

8 Reasons Why I Love Winter

Hot Chocolate

Bust out the hot beverages people! It’s cold outside and hot coco keeps me warm.

Hot chocolate with whipped cream and cinnamon is the best!

But don’t forget Chai Latte. My second favorite drink in winter.

Fluffy Socks

Stripped fluffy socks

Polka dot fluffy socks

Pink fluffy socks

Batman fluffy socks

You can’t have too many fluffy socks! They are so so soft and keep your feet warm during winter.

Cold Crispy Air

I find the cold crispy air so refreshing. It wakes me up in the morning when I step outside the door and it keeps me alert.

Candy Canes

So many people hate the taste of Candy Canes, but I love them.


I love snow so much that I even went on a random holiday to Estonia just to see (lie in the) snow. It didn’t snow that year in the Netherlands so I had to get my yearly dose of snow somewhere else.

Please let is snow this year! I doubt it will.

Ice Skating

Ice skating has to be my favorite winter activity! You might have noticed me tweeting about it. A LOT.

I’m no figure skater! I mean, I can’t even break. But I simply enjoy going around in circles. I have no idea why it never gets boring.

Spend Time With Family (Christmas & New Year’s Eve)

December is our family orientated month. We have a Christmas dinner or brunch with the entire family on the 26th and we always get together to celebrate New Year’s Eve. My uncle and Dad love putting together an amazing firework show for us.

My family isn’t perfect. We fight like all families do sometimes, but never during Christmas or New Year’s Eve.

and last but not least No mosquitoes, spiders or weird bugs!!

Hallelujah. Keep all those creepy crawlies away from me please.

So, what’s your favorite season and why? Do you love winter as much as I do?

Love, Izzy

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