One of my favorite activities is watching movies!

So I decided to compile a little list of movies that I love to watch around Christmas.

Don’t be mistaken, these aren’t all movies about Christmas.

But they all have something Christmassy about them.

Best Movies to Watch Around Christmas

Best Movies to Watch Around Christmas

The Grinch


I will never fall out of love with this one.

My little cousin told me the other day that she’s afraid of the Grinch and that made me sad.

He may be scary in the beginning, but he turns out good.

(I never believed that he was really a bad guy in the first place)

Batman Returns

I’m having a hard time deciding which Batman movie is my favorite, but Batman Returns deserves a top 3 spot.

I said that these movies have something Christmassy about them, right? Well, it’s Christmas season in Gotham, but the bad guys want to ruin Christmas. Oh no wait that’s The Grinch again. Sorry.

Nobody is going to ruin Christmas in Gotham, but they will try to ruin Batman’s life even though it’s Christmas.

Die Hard

John McClane and professor Snape fight it out during Christmas.

Snape really needs to leave other people’s wives alone. Nothing good comes of that. (Too much?)

I’ll let myself out.

Rise of the Guardians

Do you believe in Santa? Or the tooth fairy? The Sandman? And how about the Easter Bunny?

Or Jack Frost? Have you heard of him before?

I hope you have.

Because you have to believe in them! Or they won’t be able to protect us!

But we aren’t really doomed as long as one kid keeps believing.

And I hope that’s you!

What are your favorite movies to watch around Christmas?

Love, Izzy

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