Finally I have the time to relax and do absolutely nothing!

But, I haven’t been able to sit still ever since Christmas break started.

Yesterday, I’ve been to Disney On Ice. On Tuesday, I did some last minute Christmas shopping and cupcake eating. And on Monday I went to the zoo!


I’ve always wanted to have a monkey, an elephant (preferably a miniature one), a red panda, a ring-tailed lemur, a ferret…

(This is going to be a long list!)

What I’m trying to say is that I should buy a zoo.

I can already hear my mom laughing at me because I can’t even pick up dog poo without pinching my nose. What would happen if I had to look after an elephant?!

I would make an effort if I had an elephant!

Or maybe not.

I should stick to visiting the zoo.


So that’s what I did!

My friend and I decided to go to Beekse Bergen, which is this huge safari park near the Dutch city Tilburg!

It’s a drive though park that has a bunch of African animals. You can take a bus ride though the park to observe freely roaming animals like giraffes or zebras, but you can also drive your own car, which I find rather scary so we didn’t do that. Nor did we take the bus (or the boat. Yes that is also an option.)


We opted for, what they call, a walking safari.

You’ll be given raw meat or a bone (depends on your own preference) to fend off lions or you can always use your friends and family as meat shields. It’s all up to you.

Juuuuuust kidding.

The inner circle of the park is just a normal zoo. Crocodiles, monkeys, tigers, they are all confined within enclosures. All the large freely roaming animals can only be observed by car, bus or boat. So if you want to see everything, you have to walk and drive through the park.

But as long as I get to see one elephant, I’m happy.

Baby elephant? Even better. They are soooo cute.


So are baby cheetahs! This little fellow was staring at a hyena. I think he was seeing a little evening snack.

Baby Cheetah

And here is my flamingo impression. Just because.


We didn’t randomly pick this zoo. No.

When the animals go to sleep (or break out and party like the Madagascar penguins), the park lights up and Beekse Bergen becomes Africa by Light.

Africa by Light

Africa by Light

Africa by Light

Africa by Light

It’s rather magical to walk around a beautifully lit zoo, but it’s also kind of eerie when you pass the dark hyena enclosure haha.

It’s Christmas Eve tonight guys! The wait is over for those who like to open their gifts on Christmas Eve (That will be me!). I hope everyone has a great evening!

Merry Christmas everyone! <33

Love, Izzy

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