Goodbye 2015 and hellow 2016!

You know, it’s the first time ever that I don’t have New Year’s resolutions. I’ve decided to just go with the flow this year.

Obviously, I did eat way too much during Christmas and New Year’s Eve that I now have to shed a few pounds, but I’m refusing to make that a New Year’s resolutions.

New year, same me. Only a little chubbier.

I’m down with a cold right now, but apart from that December has treated me well.

So let’s take a look back to see what I’ve been up to.

December: 5 Happy Things

Harry Potter Coloring Book

YAAAAAAY! I’ve got the Harry Potter Coloring book for my birthday.

Best gift ever!!

Now I’m spending my nights coloring like every good girl in her twenties should do haha!

December Happy Things



I’ve said that way too often this month haha.

A friend of mine got Netflix and she was so kind to share her password with me (in return for coffee and food).

In other words, it’s her fault that I’m addicted to so many TV series.

So far, I’ve binged Sense8, Orphan Black, Heroes, RuPaul’s Drag Race, and Downton Abbey.

I haven’t finished watching all of these, but I’m well on my way.

And I’ve finally seen Big Hero 6, Cinderella (2015) and Maleficent. Now I want an inflatable robot, a ball gown and wings. These movies were amazing.

Disney On Ice

Peter Pan told me to never grow up, so I didn’t.

Although I’ve started to see Peter in a whole different light thanks to Once Upon a Time haha. (Love that show!!)

Disney On Ice

Disney on Ice was truly magical. The ice skaters were flying through the air, they made it snow, and Elsa shot fireworks out of her hands (quite a clever idea, if I may say so).

All the children around me went crazy over Frozen. The kid next to us couldn’t stop shouting Elsa’s name. It was super cute.

Beekse Bergen Safari Park

On the first day of Christmas break I headed to the zoo; a safari park to be precise.

I’ve seen so many animals up close! They really aren’t afraid of humans in this zoo.

Visiting a Castle


Grannie and I wanted to do something fun this Christmas so we decided to visit a castle.

I present to you Kasteel de Haar (Castle de Haar. De Haar is their family name), which was restored by the famous Dutch architect Pierre Cuypers in 1892. (Cuypers is the dude who built the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. I’m sure most of you have heard of that museum.)

Castle De Haar

We weren’t allowed to take pictures during the guided tour, but trust me the place seriously looked like a scene from Downton Abbey.

Huge chandeliers, gorgeous ceilings, richly ornamented woodcarving, beautiful tapestries, paintings, ballrooms.

Some of the rooms had bathrooms bigger than our living room!

Imagine living here.

I stole this picture from the castle’s website because I’m in love with the pink room!!!

I should have hidden in the closet or something and stayed there until dark. I could have spent the night haha.

De Haar

I though it would be freezing in there, but it appeared that the castle has central heating (and electricity, for that matter). At the time, the Dutch royal family didn’t even have that! Fancy, Fancy.

Oh, and one day the lord looked out of the window and thought to himself ‘what an ugly view’. So he paid all the people to move, tore down their houses, ordered fully grown trees and built a garden around his home. What else should you do with all that money haha?!

Grannie suggested that we visit the place again in spring, so we can roam around the garden.

And what have you all been up to lately?! Hope everyone had a lovely New Year’s Eve. What are your New Year’s resolutions?

Love, Izzy

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