Hey guys, it’s been a while since I’ve put up one of these movie posts. No, wait. That’s probably a lie haha. I may have posted something on movies during Christmas. Yeah I definitely have.

Ah well, it’s a regular thing on my blog if you haven’t noticed that yet.

But I am doing something different today. Instead of recommending movies, I’m going to break down the 5 movies I have never seen.

Beware, this might shock some of you.

5 Movies I Have Never Seen

Toy Story


YOUR PARENTS NEVER SHOWED YOU THAT? I guess I was more into princesses and Naruto…

And FYI I already knew that my dolls and teddy bears had feelings and I actually felt really bad when I played more with one than the other.

I had this rule as a child: the first doll, toy, teddy or whatever that I would pick up, would come home with me. Sometimes someone would go and tell me to pick out another teddy since the one I was holding looked scary, but I wouldn’t. It would hurt the teddy’s feelings haha.


The Godfather

I’m not sure what to say haha. It’s usually the men who freak out over this.

A friend of my father’s gave me a couple of ps3 games a few weeks ago and The Godfather was one of them.

I really don’t know what to do with it, but I might attempt to play.

I’m sure I’ll be like Jenna Marbles: ‘what am I supposed to do?! Help me understand what I’m supposed to do!’

I’m going to add that video for your enjoyment. I cried of laughter at some point. That’s all thanks to Julien’s comments.

Jenna: ‘How do I get down there?!’

Julien: ‘NO NO NO! You just killed yourself’

OK, this is going nowhere let’s move on (a).

Mary Poppins

Don’t hate me?!

I have heard all the songs! Mainly because my friends always sing them haha.


Love Actually


This is BLASPHEMY, I know. But I just haven’t seen it!

And stupid Netflix (I love you Netflix) doesn’t have it.

I promise that I will watch it. Next Christmas.


Everyone always watches this movie around Christmas. It’s like the rule of Love Actually.

10 Things I Hate about You


I’ve added it to my list and I will watch it soon haha.

It actually seems like such a fun movie. One of my teachers told us that it’s based on The Taming of the Shrew. That’s a Shakespeare play my friends. One that I actually liked haha.

And helloow! Heath Ledger <333

Can he rise from the dead and be like a hot zombie?

Maybe I should have titled this 6 movies I haven’t seen because I need to add The Notebook to this list.

Nah, now I’m just messing with ya!

Anyone down for a movie night at my place?

Love, Izzy

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