We’ve established by now that I’m not just a girly-girl, but also a bit of a geek.

And what do geeks do? They go to the Dutch Comic Con of course.

This was the second edition of Dutch Comic Con. I wrote a little recap of last year here. A lot of people weren’t really impressed by DCC 2015. A bunch of stuff wasn’t really thought through. It was crowded, people were expected to stand all day since there were barely any places to sit, and there wasn’t a whole lot of stuff to do and so on.

But damn! They improved on everything this year!! The venue was bigger! They’ve added a kids area, an arcade, a gaming area, a cinema and what not! I was impressed! They even invited a kpop dance group to perform. That was awesome!

What I’m trying to say here is that I couldn’t find one flaw this year. Job well done DCC crew!

Dutch Comic Con 2016


You can’t go to a Comic Con and not cosplay.Dutch Comic Con 2016

But you didn’t cosplay last year!

Oh hush, I made up for it this year!

I’m a batman fan and I’ve always liked Harley Quinn, so I decided to be her!

People weren’t lying when they told me that cosplaying is an expensive hobby. That catsuit was 90 bucks. And that’s something you’ll only wear once. I’m officially going to be Harley again next year, and the year after that, and probably also the years after that haha.

It was totally worth it though! I’ve had a lot of fun! Everyone else who is also dressed up as Harley wants to chat with you and take pictures. INSTANT FRIENDSHIP.

I only need to learn how to behave more like her. That’s the whole point of cosplay, anyway. You need to embody a character. Act like them, talk like them, BE THEM. Harley’s voice is waaaay too hight for me though. Time to start practicing.


I’m on #TeamInternet, you guys. And I’ve been a Hillywood fan since 2009! That’s 7 years! I’ve been following Hilly and Hannah for 7 years!

Now imagine what I went through when all of a sudden this facebook notification popped up telling me that The Hillywood Show was coming to the Dutch Comic Con!

I may or may not have cried a little (I totally did). Never have I thought that I would ever meet them. YouTube stars always to go places like England, America or Australia, but they always skip this cute little country called the Netherlands.

For all you people who have never heard of Hilly and Hannah, they are two amazingly talented ladies who make parodies!

Check this one out! It’s one of my faves!

I got this feeling that Hannah, Hilly and DCC didn’t realize how many Dutch fans The Hillywood Show has. I mean, the girls ran out of merchandise to sell on the first day around noon. SOOO many people wanted to see them, talk to them, take pictures with them. The waiting line at their booth was HUGE!

They are so nice, you guys! I had a chat with them, hugged them, took a pic with them, fainted on the inside.

This picture makes me soooo happy. Can I cry of happiness again? #NotAFangirl xD

Dutch Comic Con 2016


When all the geeks come out to play (I mean to geek out together), they also spend a lot of money on merchandise.

I’ve spend so much money, it’s ridiculous.

Dutch Comic Con 2016

I purchased 5 Funko! Pops; I got Killian Jones (Once Upon a Time), Thor, Dancing Groot (Guardians of the Galaxy), Oswald Cobblepot (Gotham), and Sadness (Inside out). I was also looking for Harley Quinn with Mallet and Rapunzel, but nobody seemed to sell those. Weird.

At least Thor almost looks like Rapunzel.

I was holding Sadness in my hands when I heard a girl ask ‘do you guys have sadness’ and the merch-guy looked at me like ‘she is holding the last one’ and I was like ‘no way I’m letting Sadness go, THIS ONE PLEASE’. If you see something you want, you have to buy it immediately or it will be gone when you come back! My friend learned that the hard way. She wanted Peggy Carter, but didn’t get it right away. They were sold out when we came back.

I also got a The Last of Us mug and a batman cap. The Last of Us has become my favorite Playstation game!

I had the most amazing time, and I can’t wait for next year! Can someone press the fast forward button please?

Has anyone else ever been to a Comic Con? I’d love to heard about your experience.

Love, Izzy

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