Sometimes I have this urge to be super random, and this is one of those times.

My dad, mom and I were watching Avatar the other day, and somehow the conversation drifted from Avatar to Sigourney Weaver to the movie Alien. Then all of a sudden my mom starts laughing and asks me whether I got over my alien fear.

Alien is a sci-fi/horror movie that came out in 1979. They made four of those and a new movie is in development right now.

Somehow little six or seven year old Izzy caught a glimpse of the alien while Mom was watching a rerun and Izzy freaked out because the big, slimy, black alien was scary. My fear of the alien in Alien was born. I wasn’t afraid of all aliens. I don’t even think I grasped the idea of aliens back then. I was simply afraid of the black alien in that sci-fi movie. It was a monster. Monsters are scary. End of discussion.

Thanks to Mom I all of sudden remembered all the irrational and not so irrational childhood fears that I had, and I decided to share them with you all. So all of you can now laugh at me while little me relives her nightmares.

5 Irrational Childhood Fears

Falling down a Manhole

Some people say that this fear derived from Alice in Wonderland, but I haven’t read Alice until I was in my twenties.

So I have no idea how I got this fear, but basically I avoided manholes like the plague.


Later in life I found out that this fear wasn’t that irrational. It turns out that people have fallen down manholes before, with painful consequences.

Fear of seeing Freddy Krueger

I know exactly how this happened and I’m blaming it on Mom. No, that’s mean. It’s my own fault, but how could I have known.

My mom adores scary movies and nothing is ever too scary for her. On one particular evening she puts little Izzy to bed and goes off into another room to watch Nightmare on Elm Street. You know, that movie with a burnt serial killer named Freddy Krueger, who kills people in their sleep with his razor glove. Nothing too scary right?!

Well, it is goddamn scary when you’re like six years old!

I woke up that night and I couldn’t fall asleep again, so I went looking for mommy.

I walk into her room and the first thing I see is a TV screen that’s showing a girl who is peacefully asleep in her bed. Mommy… Then all of a sudden she is lifted into the air. Tossed about on the ceiling. Sliced open by razor like claws. Blood is oozing out of her, and eventually she falls down on her bed again. Dead.


Well, that’s an image I couldn’t get out of my head until I was… wait, it’s still stuck in my head.

The funny thing is that this scene with mom watching scary stuff on TV and me getting out of bed to look for her has happened a couple of times. I came into her room while she was watching Alien (now you get the introduction) and also when she was watching the sci-fi series X-Files. X-Files isn’t even a horror series, but to me it was. The theme songs still freaks me out.

We are so cute and vulnerable when we are young, aren’t we?!

See a Dinosaur Eye in Front of My Window

Movie fear number 5000 (My parents shouldn’t have let me watch TV when I was little). Everything seemed to freak me out, except for vampires. No wait, that’s not true. Mom was once watching…

Oh god.

Not again!!!

I’m getting sidetracked here.

Jurassic Park.

Nope, that movie didn’t make me like dinos. Especially not those little green ones.

Nor the big ones, for that matter. Somehow I created this fantasy that one day I would open the blinds and I would see a giant dinosaur eye staring back at me.


How did I come up with this stuff?

Monster in my Closet

This is a classic.

I was never afraid of the monsters under my bed. I had so many toys under my bed that there wasn’t any room left for a monster.

That’s why my monster lived in my closet. And unfortunately I wasn’t like Boo from Monsters inc. I was afraid of monsters.

Just keep the closet closed at night and nothing would happen. That was my motto.

Crocodile Would Crawl Up Through the Toilet and Eat Me

Did I make up a toilet monster? Yup, I did. Why? I don’t know.

I’m sure some kind of cartoon is to blame for this. Wasn’t there some kind of story saying that there were alligators in the sewers in New York. I knew there was one in Fairly Odd Parents, but that show didn’t air until 2001. So it couldn’t have caused this fear. Let’s just say that I’m over it.

Now it’s just fun to think back and laugh at all the silliness.

Was I the only one with such weird childhood fears? It’s only fair to let me know some of yours! Share them in the comment section below.

Love, Izzy

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