1. Look at that. I’ve been awake for almost three hours
  2. I was tired. Why can’t I just fall asleep?
  3. Time to assume a different position
  4. Side? Back? Tummy? Blanket? One foot out of blanket?
  5. Why can’t I get comfy!? Help me
  6. I wonder what tomorrow will be like?
  7. It will be a productive day. I can feel it in my belly
  8. Who am I kidding! I will wake up looking like a zombie who craves a nap instead of brains
  9. I should stop drinking coffee
  10. I wonder whether I aced that paper I handed in a couple of weeks ago?
  11. Did I even put my name on it??
  12. Come to think of it, that second argument was rather bad
  13. But I did put it in between two paragraphs that rock
  14. They might not even notice it
  15. They so.. will.. notice it
  16. I will get an F
  17. I will fail uni
  18. And I won’t be able to get a job
  19. Not that there are so many jobs out there to begin with
  20. The future freaking scares me
  21. Stop that!
  22. Maybe I’ll meet a cute guy tomorrow
  23. He will say hi. I will say hi, and he will fall in love with me
  24. Focus on me. F-f-focus on me
  25. Noooh, how did this crappy song get into my head?
  26. Well, I’ll be singing that for the rest of the day
  27. INSOOOOMNIA, forever till the end of time
  28. Maybe I should text someone
  29. Why is no-one replying?
  30. Because unlike you, they are sleeping
  31. Perhaps some music will help me fall asleep?
  32. -random dance party-
  33. OK, no.
  34. Netflix? Instagram? Twitter?
  35. What was that noise?
  36. 1, 2, Freddy’s coming for you
  37. Great. Make horror movie references and have nightmares
  38. Maybe I should get up and walk
  39. To the fridge
  40. But you shouldn’t eat during the night
  41. Or so they say
  42. I have to get up in like 3 hours…
  43. Start counting sheep
  44. Has that ever worked?
  45. Who came up with that anyway?
  46. Might as well Google it
  47. Even though I know that this bright screen is keeping me awake
  48. Hey look. 50 Thoughts You Have When You Can’t Fall Asleep
  49. Mmm… I can’t really relate to that…
  50. Might as well write my own version now. It’s not like I’ve got anything better to do

I hate having troubles sleeping but it happens to all of us once in a while. Usually I can’t sleep when I’m super excited for something, but this time it was totally random. So I ended up writing this. On my phone. In my bed. At 3 AM.

Has anyone else ever had trouble sleeping? What odd, funny or serious thoughts have crossed your mind in the middle of the night?

Love, Izzy

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