Today, I will let you in on a secret. Are you ready?

Here we go.

Technically I’m not a brunette. Beneath the dark brown hair dye I am actually a dark ashy blonde.

Well, I prefer to call it trashcan blonde because my hair is a mixture of gold streaks, ashy colors, plus it even has some gray in it (and when I was growing up, gray hair wasn’t considered to be fashionable).

To be honest, it really is a weird color; I hated it and for a long time my mom wouldn’t let me dye it. When I turned 16 Mom finally gave in and I immediately dyed my hair.

And when I say immediately, I do mean immediately. Right after her consent I ran to the local drugstore and purchased the first shade of brown that I saw. That same day I dyed my hair dark brown and I kept dyeing it for 7 years. The funny thing is that after I dyed my hair, Mom looked at me and said “It actually suits you better”. Mom, are you serious!?

I have blue eyes and a pale skin so brown hair does indeed look good on me (although it can make you look a bit like a gothic when you wear dark lipstick. Not that I mind.), while my natural hair color used to wash me out a little bit.

But last year, around Christmas, I somehow got bored with my hair color and I wanted to try something new.

At the same time, I started to wonder what I would look like now with my natural hair color. I mean, my face has changed in the last 7 years and I also know a lot more about make-up, as well as which colors flatter my skin tone. Maybe my natural hair color will look alright on me or at least I will know how to make it work. The thing is, I can’t even imagine myself as a blonde anymore. I’m curious. I need to see. That’s why I decided to grow out my natural hair color instead of dyeing it into any other color.

But, boy oh boy, I didn’t realize how much of a drag it would be…

The Struggles of Growing Out Your Natural Hair Gracefully

In the beginning, people are constantly telling you that your roots are showing

Yes, thank you. Like I haven’t noticed that myself. There might be a reason for it like I’m growing it out.

Only 3 people have asked me about my hair during this entire process. It’s blonde from my scalp to my ear at this point. That’s not “just roots showing”, but some people still like to think that it is.

rolls eyes

A beanie is your new best friend

Until summer kicks in at least. Or your lecturer goes “please take that off in class.”


You can always just wear your batman cap

But unfortunately it doesn’t match with the rose print dress you’re wearing.


How about hats?

They don’t look good on me. Oh the struggle.


Well, it looks like keeping your hair down is simply not an option anymore

Because it looks like reverse dip-dye and that’s just ugly #sorrynotsorry.

I almost couldn’t keep myself together at some point. I was waiting for the bus and a girl behind me asked her boyfriend if my current “hairstyle” would look good on her.

Honey, it doesn’t look good on anybody.


Oh my god, what if people think that it’s dip-dye gone wrong

Please don’t take pictures of my hair to make memes.

I can already picture it “how not to dip-dye your hair”.


At some point a ponytail also starts to look weird…

Because it looks like you’ve got a brown clip-on ponytail on top of your head. Can I pleeease dye it back already?… or does anybody have a sword I could borrow?


At least you are saving money by not buying dye every month

Oh no wait, you need to go to the hairdresser every 3 weeks or so to cut the lower part off. Bye money.


At least some people have stopped saying that I should dye my roots

Instead they just keep saying how great it is to be all natural again (somehow that doesn’t sounds like a compliment…).


Maybe I should just go full-on Britney a la 2007 and get it over with

But then it will still take ages before your hair grows back.


Nothing to do but just sit and wait I guess

And take vitamin B supplements, just in case.


Bottom line: there is no such thing as growing your hair out gracefully. Those internet articles are lying!! It will look weird for about a year and you just have to suck it up and deal with it. I’m a little luckier that most people since my hair grows pretty quickly, but it’s still a slow and long process.

I can’t wait to grow it all out so I can dye it pink or something hahaha. Just kidding. But my friends really want me to go platinum blonde… Not so sure about that…

Love, Izzy

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