Today, I will let you in on a secret. Are you ready?

Here we go.

Technically I’m not a brunette. Beneath the dark brown hair dye I am actually a dark ashy blonde.

Well, I prefer to call it trashcan blonde because my hair is a mixture of gold streaks, ashy colors, plus it even has some gray in it (and when I was growing up, gray hair wasn’t considered to be fashionable).… Read the rest

JOIK Body Lotion

Although I tend to be loyal to the beauty brands that have done wonders for me, I once in a while enjoy trying out something new.

JOIK is one of those foreign brands that I fell in love with while I was on a holiday to Estonia last year.

Back then I tried JOIK’s coffee scrub and footbath salt, mostly because the products seemed like fun things to try.… Read the rest

Dark Side

I know it’s almost spring, and I should be stocking up on some bright and floral things, but I really had to purchase another dark lipstick.

SUE ME! I LOVE DARK MAKEUP. I mean, come on, I own a black lipstick.

If you ever want to try out black lipstick, but you don’t want to spend a lot of money on it (since, you know, you might end up hating it), go to KIKO.… Read the rest

Black Lipstick Yay or Nay

A famous person once said: ‘Don’t underestimate the allure of darkness, even the purest hearts are drawn to it.’

By famous I mean a hot fictional vampire named Klaus, but let’s put that aside for now.

Oh and he was probably referring to the fact that people do awful stuff to others, but let’s not talk about that either. Let’s talk lipsticks instead.

Dark lipsticks.… Read the rest