I Love Raspberry & Blackberry

A good hand lotion does not have to be expensive. I realized that when I bought the I love… raspberry & blackberry hand lotion by I Love…Cosmetics.

On the back it says: “I love… raspberry & blackberry super soft hand lotion. Directions: smooth my rich and nourishing hand lotion onto your hands after cleansing or whenever skin feels dry.”

In winter, I use this product daily.… Read the rest

Candy Yum Yum

So far, this week has been rather gloomy. I have a bunch of deadlines, it’s cold and cloudy, and almost everyone around me is wearing dark colored clothes. Myself included. That’s why I decided that my life needs a bit of color in the form of a lipstick.

Mac Candy Yum Yum

I bought Candy Yum Yum by MAC, and I am not regretting it. I have a few MAC lipsticks, but (ironically) all of them are dark fall lipsticks.… Read the rest