Sometimes, after a long and exhausting week full of walking, your feet might need a bit of TLC. You could take a bath and relax, but I unfortunately don’t have a bath. Instead, I love to soak my feet in a hot footbath.

I purchased JOIK’s Warming Footbath Salt with Ginger & Mustard while I was in Estonia. JOIK is an Estonian brand that uses all natural ingredients.… Read the rest

The sun is out this week and so are my legs. It’s summer, so we need to get back into our shaving and exfoliating routine. If you’ve been shaving and exfoliating all year round then I salute you. Good job.

Facial scrub, body scrub, leg scrub, they all do the same thing: remove dead skin. They simply target different parts of your body. Once the dead skin is gone, your skin is able to absorb any other moisturizing cream, body butter or whatever cream you’re putting on your body a lot better.… Read the rest

Hey guys! Summer vacation has officially started this week! So I’ve been out and about celebrating with all of my friends. Most of them go to uni with me, which means that we’re all graduating. Yup, my last deadline was this Monday! I’m done.

I must say, those three years at uni flew by!

I probably won’t have a graduation party (although I know that some family members might visit to celebrate anyway), but I will treat myself to a present.… Read the rest

It’s time for another How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes post! We all know that we have to clean our makeup brushes once in a while. Preferably after each use, but at least once a week.

Basically, I was wondering what the best way to clean them would be. So in my last How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes post, I tried to clean my makeup brushes using the Mac Brush Cleanser, dishwashing soap and extra virgin olive oil.… Read the rest