Your skin is the mirror of your health. It’s the canvas on which life is drawing every one of your pains and worries. It is the largest human organ, but not all that is big is tough. Your skin is in many ways your most sensitive organ.

It’s a true fighter that tries to cope with your desire to expose yourself to the sun, cold weather, wind, dust, polluted air, you name it.… Read the rest

Most of us most likely don’t immediately associate Clinique with lipsticks. I personally think that the brand is way more known for its skin care products. But boy oh boy do they do a great job when they do release a lipstick range!

I’ve tried one of Clinique’s long last lipsticks (shade 10 Berry Freeze) before, loved it and couldn’t resist buying something from the Clinique pop lip colour + primer rouge intense + base range.… Read the rest

Mac Morange

On King’s Day I said that I should have bought an orange lipstick (orange is the national color of The Netherlands, so on every national holiday you’re expected to wear orange). At the time I was only joking, simply because I didn’t have anything to wear on King’s Night (and even though it is the national color, many Dutchies still don’t even have an orange t-shirt).… Read the rest

DIY Brush Cleaner

We all know that cleaning our makeup brushes is important. But, what is the best way to clean them? What products should you use? I’ll be testing a brush cleanser and several household items to see which products thoroughly clean my brushes.

Today, I’ll be testing the Mac Brush Cleanser, dishwashing soap and extra virgin olive oil. If you want to clean your brushes with any of these, you’ll also need cotton pads.… Read the rest