The Christmas Tag

Let’s get into the spirit of things, shall we?!

It’s almost Christmas and I can’t wait to stuff myself with food and open the gifts that are waiting for me beneath the Christmas tree (Yes, I also love giving gifts, but I’m not going to pretend to be modest by saying that it’s not all about receiving gifts. I WANT THAT PINK GIFT WITH MY NAME ON IT.)

I saw this Christmas tag over at Aymie’s blog and I thought it was pretty cute, so I decided to answer the questions haha.… Read the rest

The Blogger Interview Tag

We are slowly approaching my one year¬†blogiversary and I don’t believe that I ever talked about why I started blogging or were I think I’m heading. I’ve mentioned it on Twitter, but never on my blog.

I’ve been tagged by the lovely Ren from Ms Mistry Blogs. This tag gives me the perfect opportunity to elaborate on my blogging journey.

Make sure to also check out Ren’s answers.… Read the rest

Yet again, I’ve been nominated for a couple of blogger awards! I haven’t had the time to write them all yet, but I promise I’ll answer all the questions soon.

The lovely Hannah has nominated me for the The Starlight Blogger Award, and I’ll happily answer her questions today! She is an amazing person, so you guys need to check out her blog. And if you want to read her answers to Molli‘s questions, then click here.… Read the rest

The Love/Hate Tag

In July, I’ve been nominated for a couple of blogger awards and I’ve been tagged a couple of times by a few of my fellow bloggers.

I’ve had the pleasure of writing an 8 Photos of Happiness post and I was nominated for the Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award.

I’ve waited a while before embarking on another tag as I feared that July would have been a bit tag-heavy otherwise.… Read the rest