6 Things That I Always Forget

It’s Friday morning. I wake up. I had a good night’s sleep and I’m feeling great. But then I pick up my phone and see this message: ‘Where are you? Are you coming to class today?’

SHOOT. I forgot about the 9 am lecture.


Awh well, what can you do about it?! It happens #sorrynotsorry.

Although this has never happened in my entire life, so basically I ruined my flawless attendance record.… Read the rest

Beauty Products I Always Restock

I love trying out new beauty products from time to time, but over the years I also fell in love with certain beauty products that I now can’t live without. I make sure to squeeze out the very last bit of product before it goes in the bin.

This week I decided to share the 6 beauty products I always restock. I’d be surprised if not one of these is on your favorites list.… Read the rest

6 Things You Can Do On Your Birthday

I love celebrating my birthday. Some people stop celebrating when they turn a certain age because they don’t want to acknowledge that they are getting older; but I’m not like that. I’ll still be wearing a party hat when I turn 80 and I’ll go around telling strangers that it’s my birthday.

Come on! There’s cake, you get presents and hey you didn’t die this year.… Read the rest

We laugh at memes that tell us to go take a nap when we’re stressed, but sometimes that’s really the best thing we can do to put our minds at ease.

When I’m stressed out, my mind goes completely haywire. It starts telling me that I have to do the million things that I haven’t done yet right away and all at the same time. Otherwise, I won’t get it all done on time.… Read the rest