Chocoa Festival

Hey guys, how is everyone doing? Hope everyone had a great weekend! I sure had.

I’ve been to the last Smoke + Mirrors Tour by Imagine Dragons on Friday (OH EM GEE they were AM-sings-AAAAZING) and I’ve spent most of my Saturday in Amsterdam.

My friend, who I haven’t seen in 6 MONTHS (I almost cried when I saw her. THAT’S how much you can miss someone!) and I decided to go visit the Chocoa Festival, which is basically a small scale chocolate festival in Amsterdam.… Read the rest

High Choc


Well,  A LOT!

What can I say?! I love food.



I have so much energy right now and I’m so happy.

I might be a little bit high on chocolate…

High Choc

A long long time ago I visited a lovely Dutch city called Breda and I fell in love with the Chocolate Company Café; a chocoholic’s heaven.

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Being a tourist in your own country is so much fun! I’ve been going on random road trips to different cities in the Netherlands and I’ve found the most amazing restaurants, cafés and shops.

Most of the time I share my adventures here, and this time it won’t be any different. We are going back to Rotterdam though, where I’ve been a couple of times now.… Read the rest


When a friend asks you to go have muffins, you go have muffins. It doesn’t matter if you have to drive for a whole hour to get there.

I’m not sure if the moral of this story is 1) keep your friends close or 2) do anything for food.

Either way, my day was filled with a whole lot of sweet goods.

Mugs & Muffins


The instructions were as follows: find a place where we can sit, drink coffee, and eat cake.… Read the rest