Louise, from Sunniside Notebook, nominated me for the Liebster Award, whoot. Thank you.

To put it in plain terms: it’s a chain letter. But, a fun one. You get nominated by a fellow blogger who has come up with questions that you need to answer. Then, you come up with a different set of questions and nominate other bloggers. This way we are spread the love and discover new bloggers.… Read the rest

Fruits & Veggies

I’ll be honest, I wanted to have a juicer for quite some time now; but, I was always hesitant to buy one because I thought that I would stop using it like after one week. That hasn’t happened, so yay.

Now let me explain why I wanted a juicer. I don’t want to detox and I don’t want to diet. I want to eat, well drink, more vegetables.… Read the rest

It’s the only day of the year without a waiting line in front of the ladies’ room since the entire venue is mostly filled with men. It’s also a place where salad won’t ever be on the restaurant menu. I’m talking about the motorcycle fair in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

It’s an annual fair that my dad and I go to where different brands like Harley, Suzuki, Ducati and many more put a bunch of motorcycles on display.… Read the rest

Christina Odesza Parov

TV commercials, TV shows and movies have become my new source for music. Sometimes commercials, promos or trailers have great soundtracks. So I just sit there with my phone, waiting to Shazam the song.

It’s funny how different the songs can be. I mean, they can be from completely different genres and still appeal to me. Usually I go for pop music, but the artists below have challenged my preference.… Read the rest