Wreck This Journal

Back in 2014, I bough a Wreck This Journal because I wanted to be creative. I knew that a lot of people had this book and they seemed to enjoy it.

The purpose of this book is to creatively destroy it. Each page has a set of instructions that you have to follow. It even says that some of us might grieve for the perfect state that we found the book in (YES!… Read the rest


It’s almost Valentine’s Day; and, whether you love it or hate it, I’m going to write about it.

It’s interesting to see how your perception of Valentine’s Day changes as you grow up. In primary school, Valentine’s Day was not a big deal. Everybody could be each other’s Valentine and it wouldn’t mean anything.

In secondary school, things started to get complicated since some people really didn’t want to be single on this day.… Read the rest



Say hi to the new member of our family: Pip.

Initially, I wanted to name him Mordor or Voldemort, but my parents didn’t approve. I guess that would’ve been a bit sad.

Then we wanted to name him Bruce, so that whenever someone asked “why Bruce?”, we could yell “because he’s Batman.” But, in the end, we named him Pip. Like the chipmunk from Enchanted. Let’s hope that puppy Pip will be as cute as chipmunk Pip.… Read the rest

Tea Lab

When the Yoghurt Barn opened its doors, the shop immediately became my go to place for frozen yogurt. Now, I was curious to check out their High Tea option. So I invited a friend, made a reservation and packed my camera.

We were greeted by a very enthusiastic employee, who directed us to our table.  In mere seconds, she conjured up a tray full of little jars, which contained tea leaves.… Read the rest