Looks like I outgrew the chocolate advent calendars haha.

Pfff, who am I kidding?!

I’m going to get a Hello Kitty advent calendar next week. Or I might even be gifted one. Let me put it this way: There hasn’t been a year without a chocolate advent calendar.

I don’t even like the chocolate they put into these things, but there’s still something special, cheeky, fun about opening a little window every single day.… Read the rest

Why I Loved Autumn when I was Little

Autumn doesn’t really happen until you’ve had that Pumpkin Spice Late, took a picture of your feet on a pile of leaves and wore burgundy lipstick with your matching checked scarf.

That’s what autumn is about most of these days.

But when I was little my interests lay elsewhere.

Autumn meant

Jumping in a Puddle

Because splashing water all over yourself and your friends is fun.… Read the rest

So far, we’ve actually had a real summer over here! It’s warm, sunny and I already had my first sunburn. I know that it isn’t a good thing but as I’m allergic to the sun and sunscreen I can’t always prevent it.

What I can do, on the other hand, is stay to stay cool and hydrated by making tasty summer treats.

Summer Treats

It’s always fun to make your own summer treats during summer.… Read the rest

It’s Father’s Day this weekend!!

I hope everyone has already bought something cool for their dad or father figure, who may very well be your mom or uncle.

You don’t have to follow the “rules” of Father’s Day and only buy a gift for your dad. Even on Mother’s Day my cousin buys something for my mom, and I buy something for her mom. My family is pretty close so my aunt is always there for me and I love her like a second mom.… Read the rest