It’s sort of my birthday this week.

Yup, Izzy is turning 23 on Saturday.

It’s not a particularly exciting age, but it should still be celebrated.

I’m not the kind of person who shies away from birthday wishes. As far as I can remember I always liked celebrating my birthday.

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Book Wishlist

I cleared up my bookcase and gave away (blasphemy, I know) the books that I never read, so now I need to restock it!

My want-to-read list is rather long, but I’ve been able to limit it to 5 books that I’m dying to read.

I’d love to share this list with you all this week.

Book Wishlist

Book Wishlist


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Hey guys! Summer vacation has officially started this week! So I’ve been out and about celebrating with all of my friends. Most of them go to uni with me, which means that we’re all graduating. Yup, my last deadline was this Monday! I’m done.

I must say, those three years at uni flew by!

I probably won’t have a graduation party (although I know that some family members might visit to celebrate anyway), but I will treat myself to a present.… Read the rest