DIY: Egg White Mask

From time to time, we all have to battle redness, spots and greasy skin. You can buy all kinds of beauty products to combat the problem areas, but you can also make your own homemade Egg White mask that does the trick.

You only need two ingredients that you probably already have in your refrigerator:

  • 1 Egg White
  • Juice from Half a Lemon

Egg white contains vitamin A, which promotes wound healing from acne or burns.… Read the rest

I Love Raspberry & Blackberry

A good hand lotion does not have to be expensive. I realized that when I bought the I love… raspberry & blackberry hand lotion by I Love…Cosmetics.

On the back it says: “I love… raspberry & blackberry super soft hand lotion. Directions: smooth my rich and nourishing hand lotion onto your hands after cleansing or whenever skin feels dry.”

In winter, I use this product daily.… Read the rest



Say hi to the new member of our family: Pip.

Initially, I wanted to name him Mordor or Voldemort, but my parents didn’t approve. I guess that would’ve been a bit sad.

Then we wanted to name him Bruce, so that whenever someone asked “why Bruce?”, we could yell “because he’s Batman.” But, in the end, we named him Pip. Like the chipmunk from Enchanted. Let’s hope that puppy Pip will be as cute as chipmunk Pip.… Read the rest

Tea Lab

When the Yoghurt Barn opened its doors, the shop immediately became my go to place for frozen yogurt. Now, I was curious to check out their High Tea option. So I invited a friend, made a reservation and packed my camera.

We were greeted by a very enthusiastic employee, who directed us to our table.  In mere seconds, she conjured up a tray full of little jars, which contained tea leaves.… Read the rest