Hi! I’m Izzy. I’m 22, I dye my hair brown, I own way too many lipsticks, I hate wearing jeans, and I’m always hungry.

I grew up in Estonia, and then moved to The Netherlands. I’ve been living here for over 14 years.

I go to uni, I study, I learn. But I also doodle in the corner of my notebook a lot.

So what’s this blog about…

I’ve always loved to write stories, so in January 2015 I decided to take the plunge and started my own blog.

Qthee (aka cutie) is a place where I will be sharing my many lifestyle adventures.

We’ll talk about people, places, music, books, you name it. I’m still a girly girl so an occasional beauty post might appear here.

I believe that lipstick is the best accessory a woman can have and I love finding new DIY facials to try out on a lazy Sunday afternoon.


Get in touch

Twitter: @izzyllaa

Instagram: @izzyllaa


Love, Izzy