How to Take Instagram Pictures

The sun is shining

You’ve got your white table set up next to a window

You place a couple of props on it

You take one picture

And it’s perfect

Yeah, RIGHT!

Here is how it really goes:

The sun isn’t shining

So you have to set up studio lighting, if you have any. Or figure out how Photoshop works

OK, so this doesn’t look good

Neither does that

What else do I have here that I can use

Maybe I can steal my mom’s cacti

Cacti pictures always do well

No, wait, I got it

This will look good

After I move that lipstick 1 mm to the right

Yeah, this is it

Now I only have to take a gazillion pictures

And hope that one of them will look good


Man, now I need to clean up all this mess I’ve made

But, hey, this picture looks awesome

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I think you’ve figured out where this is going.… Read the rest

712 more things to write about

Remember that time when I talked about wanting to be more creative. At that point I wanted to take up drawing again, but not everyone likes to draw and some people believe that they can’t draw so they don’t like the activity. One thing that we can all do is write. And guess what, we can also be more creative with words.

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A few weeks ago I left a comment on Uli’s blog saying that I loved making paper flower bouquets when I was little. She replied that we were so much more creative as kids sometimes. This made me wonder why some of us stop being creative once we reach a certain age. Or should I more bluntly say when we “grow up?!”

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Wreck This Journal

Back in 2014, I bough a Wreck This Journal because I wanted to be creative. I knew that a lot of people had this book and they seemed to enjoy it.

The purpose of this book is to creatively destroy it. Each page has a set of instructions that you have to follow. It even says that some of us might grieve for the perfect state that we found the book in (YES!… Read the rest