I admit that I have to upgrade my own Instagram skills since I haven’t been posting a lot lately. But I still love Instagram. Some people post the most breathtaking pictures! I wish they would teach me their ways haha.

Some people really inspire me and that’s why I would love to share which¬†Instagram accounts I adore the most.

My Favorite Instagram Accounts to Follow

Instagram Accounts to Follow

@shamekhbluwiFashion Illustrator

I may not write a whole lot about fashion (OK, I haven’t written anything about fashion so far), but that doesn’t mean that I’m totally ignorant.… Read the rest

A few weeks ago I left a comment on Uli’s blog saying that I loved making paper flower bouquets when I was little. She replied that we were so much more creative as kids sometimes. This made me wonder why some of us stop being creative once we reach a certain age. Or should I more bluntly say when we “grow up?!”

I guess most of us will blame our declining creativity on time.… Read the rest