Hey guys! Summer vacation has officially started this week! So I’ve been out and about celebrating with all of my friends. Most of them go to uni with me, which means that we’re all graduating. Yup, my last deadline was this Monday! I’m done.

I must say, those three years at uni flew by!

I probably won’t have a graduation party (although I know that some family members might visit to celebrate anyway), but I will treat myself to a present.… Read the rest

Most of us most likely don’t immediately associate Clinique with lipsticks. I personally think that the brand is way more known for its skin care products. But boy oh boy do they do a great job when they do release a lipstick range!

I’ve tried one of Clinique’s long last lipsticks (shade 10 Berry Freeze) before, loved it and couldn’t resist buying something from the Clinique pop lip colour + primer rouge intense + base range.… Read the rest

Mac Morange

On King’s Day I said that I should have bought an orange lipstick (orange is the national color of The Netherlands, so on every national holiday you’re expected to wear orange). At the time I was only joking, simply because I didn’t have anything to wear on King’s Night (and even though it is the national color, many Dutchies still don’t even have an orange t-shirt).… Read the rest

What's in My Bag

There are a lot of tag posts out there, but my favorite has to be the what’s in my bag tag. And since everyone lets me “nose around” in their bags, I though I’d show you mine.

Maybe it’s a girl thing but I do know that I carry way too much stuff with me. And if I have to, I can fit almost as much into a small bag as I can fit into a large bag (Hermione taught me the spell).… Read the rest