MAC Film Noir

Social conventions dictate that I should wear dark lipstick in fall.

My brain wants me to wear a lipstick that matches my soul (which is black) 24/7.

No I’m just kidding. At least I hope my soul isn’t black…

MAC Film Noir isn’t really black though. It is rather brown. A reddened brown, to be precise.

Where is Effie to shout THAT’S MAHOGANY? I think mahogany is a good term for Film Noir. Read the rest

Mac Morange

On King’s Day I said that I should have bought an orange lipstick (orange is the national color of The Netherlands, so on every national holiday you’re expected to wear orange). At the time I was only joking, simply because I didn’t have anything to wear on King’s Night (and even though it is the national color, many Dutchies still don’t even have an orange t-shirt).… Read the rest

Mac Twig

It’s been a while since I’ve written a lipstick post. That’s because I was on a quest to find the perfect nude lipstick. I swatches so many lipsticks in the process that I eventually had to sleep on it.

But it has finally been decided and I purchased Twig!

Somehow I always end up at the MAC counter… They just have so many different and amazing shades that I can’t help it!… Read the rest

Mac Dior Essence

Girls who are obsessed with makeup probably own a red lipstick in every shade and at every price point. People who are not obsessed with lipsticks might think that we are crazy: red is red, isn’t one enough?!


It’s not even all about the color. Lipsticks have different textures; some are matte (rather drying), others are creamy, glossy or frosted (very shimmery). One is easy to apply, the other isn’t.… Read the rest