TV Shows I Want to Watch

Christmas break is coming up, which means that I’ll have time to catch up on all my current favorite TV shows!

I really need to catch up on Once Upon a Time, Gotham, and Arrow.

At the same time, I also want to start watching a bunch of other TV series.

TV Shows I Want to Watch

Orphan Black (2013 – … )

A friend of mine started watching this series and she’s hooked!… Read the rest

My Favorite TV Series

I always have this feeling like I’m the only person on the planet who doesn’t watch shows like Pretty Little Liars or Orange is the New Black.

I’ve seen the first 5 episodes of PLL and I thought it was boring. I’m sorry, but it didn’t appeal to me. Besides, the fandom has already ruined the show for me by making # … is A a trending topic.… Read the rest

Animated Movies

I love watching animated movies, both with friends and family or even on my own. If you want to brighten up your mood, you need to watch an animated movie. These kind of movies aren’t just for kids anymore. Some of the jokes are clearly targeted at an older audience.

Children will drag their parents to see a two hour animation, so there has to be something in it for the parents.… Read the rest

Comedy Movies

Once in a while you need a good laugh. So download, buy or rent a comedy movie and watch it in the comfort of your own home.

I don’t watch a lot of comedy movies, but the once on my favorites list are hidden gems I adore and re-watch multiple times.

My Favorite Comedy Movies

Kingsman: The Secret Service starring Colin Firth, Samuel L. Jackson and Michael Caine

While Harry Hart (Colin Firth) recruits a street kid named Eggsy (Taron Egerton) for a super secret spy organization called Kingsman, Richard Valentine (Samuel L.Read the rest