Discover Music October Edition

September has been the most stressful month ever! I knew that starting a Master’s program would be hard, but I had no idea that it would be that difficult and time-consuming.

You know how we sometimes can’t fall asleep because we keep worrying too much? Yeah I did that a lot last month, but you can’t really think about anything when the music is too loud and you’re having a dance-off with your reflection.… Read the rest

Discover Music August Edition

You might have noticed by now that every once in a while I post a list of my newly (re)discovered music artists. I previously posted one in February, April, and June. Click on the month if you like to read those.

I don’t feel like I have one particular music taste. Some song just grab you after the first few seconds no matter whether it’s pop, rock, or R&B.… Read the rest

I feel like it’s time for another Discover Music edition. Every few months I share some of the music that I’ve been listening to.

I mostly share artists or songs that I recently discovered. Some of these artists may have been around for a while, so you may already know them.

Discover Music June Edition

Just like Jhené Aiko for example.

She is an American singer and songwriter who has been singing since 2002 (although she mostly sang contributing vocals back then).… Read the rest

I’ve got a new music lineup for you!

I’ve written my first Discover Music post last February and I feel like continuing the trend.

Discover Music April Edition

Zella Day

The first time (or so I thought) I heard a song by Zella was while I was listening to the Insurgent soundtrack. Sacrifice is featured on it. I immediately went over to YouTube to check out more of her songs and realized that I already listened to the song Hypnotic since it was featured in The Vampire Diaries.… Read the rest