Tea Tree Face Mask & Aloe Protective Restoring Mask

My skin was a little mad at me for not taking care of it, so I stopped by The Body Shop last week and purchased some new goodies.

I decided to get myself a face mask, or two…

Most of the time I make my own face mask using rice flour or green tea, but we don’t alway have the time to whip up a DIY mask and sometimes we’re simply too lazy.… Read the rest

Your skin is the mirror of your health. It’s the canvas on which life is drawing every one of your pains and worries. It is the largest human organ, but not all that is big is tough. Your skin is in many ways your most sensitive organ.

It’s a true fighter that tries to cope with your desire to expose yourself to the sun, cold weather, wind, dust, polluted air, you name it.… Read the rest

DIY: Pore Strips

Sorry guys, I’m bringing eggs back.

The first DIY facial mask that I wrote about was the Egg White Mask and it turned out that not everyone liked to use eggs since they smell. This time you don’t have to put it all over your face though. We are not targeting redness, but blackheads and whiteheads!


I’m sure that some of you use pore strips and others have seen it on Mia Rhermopolis’s (aka Anne Hathaway’s) nose in The Princess Diaries.Read the rest

DIY: Ice Facial

It’s Sunday afternoon, you’re lying on your bed with your PJs on, music is playing, and you’re waiting for the face mask to do its job before you can rinse it off.

That sounds about right, doesn’t it?

Now, imagine this:

It’s Sunday morning, you just woke up, you go to the fridge, you pull out an ice tray from the freezer, get an ice cube and start icing your face.Read the rest