Rice Flour Mask

I love homemade facial masks and scrubs, and I love them even more when they work. This week I have another facial mask for you to try; namely, the rice flour facial mask.

You need more ingredients for this one than for the Egg White Mask, and you might need to get out of the house to get one, but I promise that it’s still highly affordable.… Read the rest

Clinique 3 Step Kit

For a really long time, I didn’t have a morning or a nighttime skin care routine. But then you start hearing all kinds of stories about how important it is to properly clean your face before going to bed and you decide to invest in a proper nighttime routine anyways.

My skin is quite sensitive, so it was hard to find the right products that do not result in more breakouts or skin irritations.… Read the rest

Clinique All About Eyes

I’m an university student, so of course I’m often stressed out and I don’t get enough sleep. But no matter how fabulous my sunglasses look, I can’t wear them to lectures to hide my dark circles.

I often get free Clinique samples when I purchase other products. That’s how I came in contact with Clinique All About Eyes; it was part of a promotion set.… Read the rest

Vitamin E Moisture Serum

When I was 17, I had really bad acne. I tired to get rid of it by using all kinds of anti-acne products, but they only tended to make things worse. That’s why I started to read up on all kinds of vitamins and DIY remedies. I don’t recall why Vitamin E grabbed my attention, but it became my holy grail.

I bought vitamin E capsules and started to squeeze the oil from the capsules into homemade skin remedies like the egg white mask and green tea scrub.… Read the rest